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16th Annual Scene Magazine Battle of the Bands

By Chris Galis

Coming in at a close fourth place was the 5-piece world-jam band Tuatha. Tuatha opened their set with a rock flare-up, evoking the ghosts of shaman rock opera, Jesus Christ Superstar. As the tune progressed, the band layered graciously with flutes, guitars, and percussion. It soon became a necessity of the crowd to groove along - and that was only the first song. Tuatha continued to provide unforgettable world beats, drawing from their deep slew of instruments and musicianship.

Most interesting and impressive was the atmosphere Tuatha conjured up on that stage that many of the other bands could not. They changed the very air in Hodi's for their 30-minute set with their music. This five-some was the most mature band to perform and their mature tastes rung true throughout Hodi's walls.

The rest of Tuatha's set showcased more of the band's diversity within their instruments and with their sound. One could recall the influence of Caribbean nights, maritime passages, and various Venetian gypsy markets all packed in a short 30 minutes.

Tuatha brought to the stage the most unique sound of the night and for their devotion to their world roots music and their overall listen-ability, they were awarded fourth place.

Scene Magazine, Vol 18, Issue 9, December 2007