Ek Balam's Raw Bio

This was my original bio statement. I had endeavored to portray the sensuality of music and of playing it in a poetic way. Music is something that moves me at my core, like a breathtaking sunset or lush waterfall. Music has always played a strong part in our human culture including the dance between lovers. I wrote my original bio with this in mind. I love music. I love making music. Hence the following was the result. However, a number of people have felt that it was on the creepy side. So I've hidden it and made the full view version with a little less sensuality. You have stumbled upon the original version. My intent was solely to illustrate just how much passion there is in music as there is in making love. I certainly don't want to creep people out. So here it is.

Peace and Blessings, Ek'Balam


Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Guitar Synthesizer, Vocals.

Buying his first electric guitar at 9 with his savings, Ek'Balam truly started his love affair with the guitar. He has explored a wide variety of playing styles and music genres, from classical to jazz fusion. Studying under jazz guitarist Ken Navarro, he developed an understanding of music composition, playing styles and techniques. Despite his love for music and ravenous appetite for collecting and listening to it (even in his sleep), his guitars gathered dust for too many years. In recent years, his lust for playing has (re)possessed his soul. Dusting off his playmates, he again has let his fingers caress their lovely lines and curves and has begun to ellicit the sounds of ecstacy from their breath. Ek'Balam brings a passion for flamenco, gypsy, latin, classical, and gothic rock music to Tuatha.